Newtown Project

Art gallery on the street

The Newtown Project (AKA: Art Gallery On The Street) was used as an informative test case for developing the functionality of At Large. I did not have a rigid predefined plan for organizing how it would operate as I wanted to see what sort of process would naturally evolve. After holding a brainstorming session at Manky Chops with a dozen people we agreed to set ourselves the challenge of turning the big ugly wall into an art gallery. Over the following weeks more people found out about the project and came along to painting sessions to get involved and volunteered their skills. The process of running this informative case study has helped me to gain a much better understanding of what functionality At Large needs to facilitate. More information about this project and my findings can be found in my thesis

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Project Details

The plan is to make this huge fence on John St wall look a like an art gallery by painting up wallpaper designs and attaching artwork over top. To stay in the loop and receive updates about the project please send an email and ask to join the mailing list.

John St

If you are interested in contributing to the wall there are a number of ways you can get involved..

  • To join the mailing list and receive updates about the next painting sessions just email and ask to join the mailing list. (
  • If you want to put your artwork on the wall you can either come along to one of the next paintings sessions and paint directly on the wall or else grab a pre made frame that you can paint in your own time. (If you would like to grab a plywood frame just let me know).
  • If you are interested in designing some custom wallpaper patterns to paint as a background we are making these using laser cut stencils and a spray gun (If you need a hand getting stencils cut out let me know).
  • Other ways people can help out is with paint. We are tying to reuse and recycle as much paint as possible. So if you have any spear acrylic (water based) paint that you no longer need we would love to put it to use.

The fence on John St belongs by Progressive Enterprises. It is expected to remain up for up for the next year or so while a new supermarket is constructed on the site. They are happy to have organized painting sessions on their wall but are actively removing any unsolicited advertising and graffiti. If you are putting stuff up remember to get permission.

If your interested in painting other walls around the city please get in touch as there are plenty of landowners that are happy to support artwork on their property.

If you have any questions or want more information please email me.

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  1. LUDIVINE says:

    I’ve be in Wellington in february, and i’ve really enjoy your art gallery on the street, love the idea.. I’m painting myself, but very far far away from you, in Mayotte, french island between Madagascar and Mozambique ( east african coast).. Anyway, thank you !!!!!!!!
    And keep going on this!!!!

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